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 Weapon Template

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Weapon Template  Empty
PostSubject: Weapon Template    Weapon Template  EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 11:12 pm

To even have a weapon you must either be a junior or senior or an advanced role player and you have to have approved permission by the main Admin

Weapon Type: (What is your weapon? Is it a sword, a scythe, a chain whip, a gun? Keep in mind that if you do have a gun or a projectile weapon you have to factor in ammo.

Description:(What does it look like you can add a picture if you want but, we require that you add at least 2 sentences of description. If you need help ask one of the admin we are always willing to give you a hand to get the creative juices flowing mentally.)

Special Ability:(What does this do for your character does it modify your power in any way?)

Sealed form:(What does this look like when not in use make it look something that a normal person would have. For example: Pen…Bracelet…Ring…Cell Phone.)

Background:(How did your character acquire this item?)
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Weapon Template
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