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 What is a Vesper Guardian

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What is a Vesper Guardian  Empty
PostSubject: What is a Vesper Guardian    What is a Vesper Guardian  EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 11:19 pm

A Vesper Guardian is like a pet that always remains by yours side no its not like a little cat or puppy dog these creatures protect you from any dangers and fight along side you at all times they all start out as babies and grow 1 age every 3 days. age 7 is when they become an adult and when they can really use their powers their powers are up to you so is the Vesper creature it can be any kind of creature at all having a vesper however must be approved by a Moderator or Admin first. Freshman and up can have one. One is the maximum amount you are allowed to have no more then one may be permitted. More on Vesper Guardians will be explained later...
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What is a Vesper Guardian
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