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 Technique Template

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Technique Template  Empty
PostSubject: Technique Template    Technique Template  EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 11:08 pm

Ability: (Describe your ability in detail here; what exactly is it that your character can do ? Please try and make it at least two sentences…if you have problems talk to an admin and we will help you out.)

Technique Name: (What is the name of your tech...If your tech name is stupid it will be ignored…be creative with it but try and be mature about naming a tech.)

Description: (Describe your tech, what does it look like? How is it done? What does it do? How long can your character keep it up? Is it stressful for your character? Please be descriptive and please try to make it at least a paragraph, the one-liner rule is stressed here.)

Duration/Cooldown: (How many post can your character use this tech for? How long must he wait before using it again?)

Number of Techniques you can have:
1 to 10 posts: 1 techs

20 to 50 posts: 2 techs

50 to 100 posts: 3 techs

100 to 300 posts: 4 techs

300 to 500 posts: 5 techs
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Technique Template
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